Products Application


Silica is widely applied in pharmaceutical preparations for its physiological inertia, strong adsorbability, dispensability and thickening power. For example, silica is generally adopted in Vitamin E powder as carrier nowadays. 


Silica applied in agriculture is mainly for wettable powders. It can serve as carrier or diluent to improve fluidity and prevent agglomeration. Since it has strong adsorbability and good suspension, it enjoys good compatibility as well as chemical stability. 


Silica can be used as filler and abradant in transparent coloring or opaque toothpastes. Such toothpastes enjoy good flexibility and dispensability, and the paste show great smoothness, softness and abrasiveness. The silica can maintain the medicine property of medicinal toothpastes, and it demonstrates nice compatibility with fluoride in the paste which can avoid insoluble salts caused by calcium salt as abradant.


High quality silica can reinforce the absorption of additives such as Vitamin E, acidulant, essence and colourings, and improve the feed processability for the utility convenience of final users.


Silica serves as the main reinforcing filler in footwear to increase the transparency of vulcanized rubber. It also can improve comprehensive physical performances of rubber in the footwear. 


Silica applied in tapes, rubber covered rollers, rubber tubes and rubber boards etc. can improve their wear resistance, and promote the wetting degree of rubber & fabric which contributes to rubber dispersion and penetration. 


Silica in tires can increase the wet skid & wear resistance and reduce the rolling resistance. It can improve the adhesion between rubber and steel-cord. Also it can promote the durability, flexing resistance and shock resistance of rubber. 


The thixotropy of silica is the major factor that helps to improve the performances of traditional paints. Take the wall paints used in construction as an example, silica can well prevent paint delamination and sags. Such paints demonstrate great application property and contamination resistance, and they show excellent self-cleaning performance and adhesion. It is reported that they are washable for more than 1,000 times.


The silica added in the sunscreen products shows high ultraviolet-ray reflection ability. It also shows good stability, for it will not decompose or change color when exposed to UV, and it will not react with other components in the formulation.