Company Profile

It is Hengcheng’s vision that we could proceed along with achievers and lead the future.

We always uphold the ideal that we can realize continuous growth of both individual and social wealth through concerted efforts. Since our foundation in 2003, we have been focusing on producing high quality silica products customized for tire and rubber industries. Our aim is to survive with quality, to develop with innovation and to win the market with integrity. Our mission is to offer superior quality and environmentally-friendly products to customers at competitive prices. 

We expect to become a company of “efficiency & harmony”, and our corporate culture is “Focus on products, growth and missions”. We are fully aware of the value of each individual employee and show adequate respect to their work, for talents serve as the first resource of enterprise development. It is our belief that only through concerted efforts of all staff members can an enterprise win a bright future. 

We hope and believe that we would become a world-class enterprise with “extensive capabilities”. Our company is devoted to reform and development, and we wish to make progress together with our customers. Through first-class products, service and administration, we would build up a Chinese & worldwide commercial civilization which provides service for global customers, takes pleasure in sharing and shoulders social responsibilities. 

We aspire for high and grand while planting our feet firmly on the ground. We appreciate your trust and support for Hengcheng, and we wish to work together with you to create a better tomorrow!