Social Responsibility

  Occupational health and safety of employees is the foundation of constant truly sustainable development

  Heng cheng in 2019 passed the ISO45001:2018 system certification, every year there are EHS special budget, used in "the occupational disease hazard evaluation, safety evaluation, environmental evaluation and emergency plan and practice, the security environment monitoring, staff pre-service physical examination, after the EHS training, security facilities and labor protection supplies procurement".

  Heng seng EHS policy:

  Increasing benefits, safety first, prevention first in addition to the hidden danger;

  Environmental priority to promote harmony, good faith service tree brand;

  Law-abiding business, continuous improvement and promote development.


  EHS policy for the company's safety, the environment responsibility and safety, environmental performance level to set the overall target.In the company of all activities, products and services in the process, in order to "safety first, prevention first" as the first policy;Priority of environmental protection efforts to reduce energy consumption of material consumptions, saving resources, by the good faith service to set up a good brand image;Strictly abide by the laws, regulations and other relevant requirements, insist on the system, and the continuous improvement of process and product service, achieve sustainable development.Company EHS objectives: 0 serious personal casualty accidents;EHS related monitoring (three wastes, noise, dust, lightning protection, occupational health, special equipment), the percent of pass is 100%.

  Focus on customers, focus on the mission, focus on core business continues to grow, heng seng silicon industry co., LTD. To practice Safety, Save and Sustainable health management concept.