Social Responsibility

  Construct the low carbon economy development characteristicsGreen silicon dioxide production mode

  Ecosystem for human's ability to provide low entropy material and energy is limited.Therefore, if there is no economical process of production and consumption patterns, a limited environment cannot support unlimited growth.In the environment of low entropy than ricardo land is more scarce, human behavior must be coordinated with constraints based on ecosystem feature, must seek a balance between economic growth and environmental degradation.Energy, mineral, water, land and other natural resources, is the material basis and guarantee for sustainable economic and social development.With the steady growth of economy, the ecological system have in making ends meet.However, self-interested agents in the absence of a reasonable policy incentives will not consciously to participate in the steady-state circular economy system.Based on steady state circular economy mode, through producers, consumers and their managers' behavior adjustment, building economical mode of production and the path;With consideration of multiple objective conditions such as economic, environmental and social, build green silicon dioxide production suited to the characteristics of the low carbon economy development mode, it is constant if the silicon industry co., LTD. The starting point of value creation and sustainable development and regression.

  Company since its inception, has been concerned about and actively participate in social public welfare undertakings, and do our best to repay society.According to incomplete statistics, as of June 2016, the company and its employees to the development of the western region, poverty, earthquake disaster areas, a variety of academic organizations, schools and other cultural undertakings, such as free of charge donated 2 million yuan.Heng cheng silicon industry will always adhere to the "honest love" as the core value system, while maintaining the healthy operation and orderly development of a company, to undertake a certain social responsibility.

  A, green tire

  Low rolling resistance and high wet and high wear resistance is a "magic triangle" green tyre.Reduce the tire rolling resistance is the main way to energy consumption, reducing tire to reduce vehicle fuel consumption and co2 emissions.

  Heng seng silicon industry as a highly scattered beads of white carbon black quality suppliers, its high scattered beads shaped white carbon black series of products to meet the challenges of the global sustainable development.

  Second, the product research and development

  Innovation and talent is constant if silicon industry is the driving force of sustainable development.The company has been committed to research and development of high scattered beads of white carbon black and the cultivation of professional and technical personnel.Annual sales revenue of 3.0% as a special fund research and development innovation, for the rubber products (especially the tire) specially tailored, providing customers with the best solution for white carbon black.

  Third, energy conservation and environmental protection

  "To meet the needs of modern people at the same time, the power can't infringe upon the survival and development of future generations", this is the human survival and development of the principles of sustainability.Heng seng silicon industry has a "garden-like factory and intelligent production workshop, belong to clean production-oriented enterprises.The company adopts gas clean energy;Dissolve sodium silicate, precipitation reaction and dry waste heat recycling;Filter washing water recycle to precipitation reaction and filter cleaning.

  Fourth, social development

  Heng seng charitable association board member, in wuxi city, silicon industry is in the eradication of poverty, disaster prevention and mitigation, etc for the role.

  As we to N = 1 (that is, the value is based on each customer's unique, personalized consumption experience) and R = G (that is, the enterprise should from the global access to resources in order to form a global system of environmental migration, companies have all kinds of resources integration ability will become the key of whether it has the advantage;Flexible, transparent, and elaborate the business process, promote the continuity of resource reorganization (R = G), to serve the interests of the N = 1, will become the golden rule of success.Prahalad's law best interpretation of the heng seng silicon industry value creation path in the future.